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Lab Testing With River Health
Lab Testing With River Health

what to do when your doctor orders lab work....

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Your River Health membership gives you access to $0 lab testing at over 3000 partner labs across the country. Here Is How To Use This Benefit:

1️⃣ Lab Testing From An Online Visit:

Your River Health primary care provider may order labs after an online consultation. You will get a text or email from your River Health Concierge with your requisition form (the document containing your lab orders) and directions to the nearest partner lab.

When you arrive at the lab, show them your requisition form and submit a blood or urine sample.

When your lab results are ready, you will get an email or text message to view them in the River Health App. Your report is shared with your River Health provider, who may follow up with you if treatment or counseling is needed.

2️⃣ Lab Testing From An In-Person Office Visit:

If you see a doctor in person, ask the doctor to fax your lab order to +1 218-319-4638 or email it to [email protected].

Fax Lab Orders To: +1 218-319-4638

Email Lab Orders To: [email protected]

Your River Health Concierge will set up your lab appointment. We will share your lab results with the doctor you saw in person and your River Health virtual primary care provider. Your River Health membership card also includes instructions for sending lab requests to River Health.

3️⃣ At-home Lab Testing

River Health members who do not live close to a partner lab or can’t physically make it to the lab can request at-home lab testing.

Your River Health concierge will send a phlebotomist to your home or office to perform the lab test at no additional cost to you.

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