Since the start of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there have been feelings of unease in the air. While the world has seen pandemics before, no point in modern history has come with such tension or concern surrounding a fast-traveling virus. As COVID-19 took hold of us, everything changed, which has caused a lot of anxiety for most of us. How are we supposed to survive a pandemic? What do we do about all of the people who are out of work? In this post, we will explore COVID-19 and how it is influencing mental health around the world.

Why Is COVID-19 Causing So Much Anxiety?

Depending on the person, there are many reasons that someone might be experiencing anxiety during the pandemic. A lot of people have a genuine set of concerns surrounding the virus itself. COVID-19 is affecting everyone differently, and a great deal of risk is being associated with it. The fact is that a lot of us are worried about contracting the virus or seeing a loved one get it instead. COVID-19 is causing many people to end up hospitalized, and some are even dying from it. Since scientists are still working to determine what causes some of the worst reactions to the virus, it makes sense that we are all worried about ourselves and our loved ones.

Coronavirus is not only making us fear for our health. The very nature of the pandemic has taken the world by storm, leaving many people wondering what the future will look like. Suddenly, people found themselves stuck in their homes without friends, family, or coworkers. The social isolation has also been met with lost hobbies, job loss, and other concerns that have arisen due to closures around the world.

The Financial Risk

Financial security and stress levels are often closely related. For obvious reasons, when you lack financial security, you will feel much higher levels of stress. In most cases, a person’s income is directly related to their ability to care for themselves and their families, which is one major reason why COVID-19 has struck so many so hard. Quarantine, while necessary to slow the spread of the virus, has proven to be increasingly detrimental to the workforce. We are only now beginning to understand how COVID-19 has affected the economy.

Many companies have lost a lot of business because of quarantine measures, and employees and business owners are suffering for it. Business loss has led to many different employees losing their jobs. Since the companies are no longer making enough to pay their employees, staff are seeing a reduction in hours or have been let go entirely. The economic stress experienced by individuals and families due to job loss is proving to be increasingly difficult for some to manage. If you are one of the many considering a COVID-19 401k withdrawal, you are not alone. Right now, a lot of people are looking to stay afloat by any means possible.

There is simply no disputing the fact that COVID-19 is raising stress levels around the world. There is so much uncertainty because of it and a lot of people are finding themselves without income during these trying times. For now, the best that we can do is look out for ourselves and each other. Stay safe, minimize spending, and keep pushing towards the day when the world will change again—this time for the better.

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