As a River member, you get access to comprehensive primary and behavioral care, including:

$0 Unlimited Virtual Care: Chat directly with your primary care provider from your phone or computer when you are sick or need medical assistance. When necessary, your doctor will prescribe medication for you. We will mail your prescriptions to your doorstep or send them to your local pharmacy for pickup.

$5 Prescriptions: Medication from River's mail-order pharmacy is only $5 for a month's worth for all members. Shipping is always free.

$0 birth control: We prescribe the pill online and mail it to you every month for $0!

$0 Doctor's Office Visit: See a doctor in person for check-ups, sick visits, well-woman exams, and more. Your first three (3) visits every year are $0.

$5 - $30 Labs: Your subscription also includes affordable lab testing in partnership with Quest Labs. Lab tests we offer include STD testing, CBC, comprehensive metabolic panel, and more.

$0 Reproductive Health: Enjoy unlimited access to reproductive health services like erectile dysfunction medication, treatment for vaginal infections, genital herpes, menstrual irregularities, and more.

Behavioral Health: River members on our behavioral health plan enjoy therapy from board-certified behavioral health specialists.

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